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Nestle The Magic Rabbit

Welcome!!! and Thank You for considering Rodney The Magician for your next party! 

If you're having a Birthday Party, click on the Birthday Party link above to read more about the length, cost and what is included in the show. It will give you a good idea about how most Birthday Parties are set up and done. We don't have to follow any certain schedule, I'm really flexible! but the Birthday page will give you some ideas.

If you don't want to read and want to talk or text to a real human:

             (615) 423-2636


About The Magic Show

A Magic Show perfect for:




Boy Scouts

Girl Scouts


any event where you have an audience ready to laugh and be amazed!


Everyone loves Balloon Animals!

Perhaps you have an occasion where you don't want the entertainment to overshadow the rest of the event, something happening in the background. Balloon animals would be a perfect decision as they continue to happen through your entire event without interrupting any other activities. Click "Balloon Animals" above to read more about pricing, setup, and how many kids can be served with this popular activity! Rodney makes balloons very simple and quick so as not to keep the line of kids waiting! Simple yet fun balloons that keep your guests satisfied!

Thank you for visiting and looking forward to meeting you at a Magic Show soon!